About Me


I, Deborah White, offer coaching services for women who need someone to talk to who is compassionate and skilled in listening.

It is my life’s passion to provide assistance to women who need someone to talk to and don’t know where to turn and/or need an alternative to the expensive professional health networks. Women dealing with addiction, depression, shame and anxiety are my specialty. On the other end of the spectrum, I love encouraging and guiding women who are seeking personal growth and deeper spirituality. Hopefully, through our relationship, the former will become the latter. I can share many practical tips, resources and guidance.


Among other things, I have a lot of experience working with women as a lay minister and leading and participating in support groups. I have a BA in psychology and addictions. I am Certified in teaching stress management and certified as a Christian Counselor. I also have Masters level experience toward a counseling degree. Most of all, I have been through the school of hard knocks. I want very much to pay forward the empathy and support that other women extended to me in years past.

If you need help in a nonthreatening and empathetic environment, I am here for you. Using reflective listening and open-ended questions I will  help you discover who your authentic self is while changing unhealthy self-dialogue.

In the world of therapists and coaches one thing is consistently vital- the two of you have to be a good fit. Let`s see if you and I would make a successful team for your life change.

Call me today and let’s help you take the first step to a more joyful life. I can be reached at 312-882-7356

Emotional Spiritual Coach

Call me today and let’s help you take the first step to a more joyful life.